Thursday, October 9, 2014

What happens in a contempt of childsupport hearing?

Q: I just want to know what to expect when i go to court.i just got of maternity leave and am making a little bit more money than i did when the child support order was set for the ncp. will the court take that in consideration for a ncp and modify the order or will the ncp still have to pay the back child support that the ncp accrued? since the ncp just got a lunp sum. what should be asked in court.

A: David's Answer: Merely because you, as custodial parent, make more money will certainly not effect the violation case - nor is it likely to effect any modification case the NCP files. What you should ask for depends on a lot of things - if he's working, ask for a garnishment. Ask for production of a financial disclosure affidavit - if he has bank accounts, you can get a money judgment & execute against any assets there. If he's not working, ask for him to be referred to a jobs program and mandated to keep a job search diary with a minimum of 30 entries per week.  - David Bliven, Westchester Child Support attorney (

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