Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Can I emancipate my daughter? She is 18 not attending college works but has lived with her grandparents for about a yr because

Q:  She doesn't always get along with her mom. We barley have talked for yrs from on going brain washing. Her mom currently collects my child support and I want to stop it. I tried over the yrs to have a relationship with my daughter but a big part is on my end I set rules and her mom doesn't. Because of this it has ruined my relationship. My daughter has been involved with the police and court many times and I have no control. I am a newly retired corrections officer that just received disability due to a inmate officer altercation

A:  David's Answer:  It is possible, but it's also a very tough case to prove. Basically you need to prove that your daughter's refusal to visit you is completely unjustified and that you've made efforts throughout the years to repair the relationship. I'd advised to assemble a paper-trail of any efforts you've made - and indeed to reach out to her again via letter or e-mail. In any event, you should schedule a consultation with a Westchester Child Support lawyer for a full assessment. -- David Bliven, Westchester Child Support attorney (

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