Saturday, September 28, 2013

Can I get the back child support?

Q:  My parents got divorced when I was young, 3-4 years old. My father was ordered to pay child support and only paid a handful of months he was suppose to. My mom took him to court on a few occasions, but he worked off the books in order to get away with not paying it. Currently, he's a supervisor at one business and owns another with a partner. I'm 20 now, but was curious if I could sue for back child support or if my mom had to, or if it was even possible to get the money at all.

A:  David's Answer:  If there's an outstanding order & he owes arrears, then it can be enforced. Furthermore, he generally needs to pay support until you're 21, so your mother could also file a petition for upward modification. Have your mother schedule a consultation with a Dutchess/Westchester Child Support attorney.  --  David Bliven, Westchester Child Support attorney (

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